Wireless Network / Wi-Fi Solutions

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Whether it’s a brand new installation or an upgrade of your existing wireless network, Fusion Connex can provide you with a WLAN solution with one of the best combinations of price and performance you can find. Let Fusion Connex make your life much easier and your wireless technology much more useful.

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What You Get with An Ultra Affordable Wi-Fi Solution from Fusion Connex

  • Wi-Fi network with killer coverage and fewer access points!
  • Consistent, reliable connectivity to smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • The latest in Wi-Fi security
  • Central management with simplified network administration
  • Outstanding network maintenance and support

Your Complete Wi-Fi Solution Includes

  • Site Survey
  • System Design
  • Hardware Acquisition
  • Cabling
  • Installation and Testing
  • Support
  • Remote Management

Ongoing optimization and on-site support are available through our Custom Managed Services plans.

Wi-Fi Solutions for Business

Up to now, businesses have had two choices: high-end, costly and complex enterprise WLAN systems or affordable but feature-LESS consumer-grade WiFi. Nothing in-between. Those days are gone. Fusion Connex can design, install and maintain an affordable, easy-to-use Wi-Fi platform that is reliable, flexible and scalable enough to support today’s applications, with quick service expansion for tomorrow.

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Wi-Fi Solutions for Schools

Is your network able to deliver predictable Wi-Fi services to increasingly diverse and demanding users? Fortunately, schools can obtain a wireless infrastructure that’s in a class by itself. A wireless LAN solution from Fusion Connex provides robust, complete coverage and summa-cum-laude performance at an affordable price.

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Wi-Fi Solutions for Hotels

Fusion Connex offers a Wi-Fi solution specifically designed for the hospitality industry that addresses the expectation for more reliable, higher speed Wi-Fi that’s being fueled by tablets and smartphones and the number of Internet users who use multiple devices simultaneously—and the demand is only going to grow. With a Wi-Fi solution from Fusion Connex, hospitality venues can meet the most demanding multimedia applications.

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